Hannah Leib 
2018 Pro-West Ambassador

What Miss Pro-West Rodeo can do for you:

• Participate in your parade and grand entry
• Participate in your Queen pageant as a judge or guest
• Radio/television spot promotions for your rodeo
• Assist with awards presentations
• Act as a spokesperson for your rodeo
• Sign autographs
• Assists media with interviews |information during your rodeo
• Special promotions with local sponsors
• Speak at schools or nursing homes

Hannah Leib is the 24-year-old daughter of Ken and Lisa Leib from Olympia, WA. Hannah will be representing and maintaining Western culture in the Pacific Northwest by serving the Professional Western Rodeo Association as Miss Pro-West 2018. 

Her goal for this year is to truly embody what ambassadorship is in the rodeo industry. She plans on engaging with rodeo fans whether they are newcomers or veterans, making community service a priority, and giving people the opportunity to learn more about the greatest sport on dirt through active education.

Hannah’s platform for this year is #HatsAndHearts; promoting the sport of rodeo one hat and one heart at a time. Please follow her journey on the Miss Pro-West Rodeo Facebook page and on Instagram at miss_pro_west_2018.
Miss Pro-West Rodeo is an official ambassador of the sport of professional rodeo. She is well-versed on rodeo, horsemanship skills, appropriate appearance and is an excellent speaker. Please contact Miss Pro-West or the coordinator to request an appearance at your rodeo!

For more information please contact Michelle Hunter @ 360.840.7052